December 25 - Christmas Arrivals and Departures

As the world celebrates the extended

Winter Solstice Holiday season,

we bid a 

Christmas adieu (having had our celebration on the Eve) to Tisha and Claire, bound for Seattle,

driven initially to Sacramento International Airport by Harriet and Megan.

Call George, Bette, Sorrel Ann, and Chris to wish them a Merry, Merry -- then, after an interval of blissful recuperation for the returning residents,

head out on the

coldest day of the year --

a second wintery one,

high 46

(44 in Winters)

for the

23nd Inner Coast Range



now on

Yolo County Road

25 West

from 87

to 86A. 


north to

23 West,

squaring around ultimately to

505 South

under darkening skies,

to begin composition of  

24 Tone Preludes: IV. Sound Perfumes...