December 7 - Double-Header Finale

Write Any Major Scale (Except C) with Solfege

Write Any Minor Scale (Except A) with Solfege

Liste Six Periods of Aesthetic / Cultural / Music History Before the 20th Century

Ancient  3500 BC - AD 440 ... (etc.)

Listening (one each, Ancient through Romantic)

[6832] Greece - First Delphic Hymn

[8270] Italy - Trotto

[8450] Josquin des Pres - Scaramella
           A  A'

[8685] J.S. Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: I.
            Ritournello (Rondo)

[8770] Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 ("Choral"): IV
           Theme and Variations

[8813] Giuseppe Verdi - La Traviata: Act I, Drinking Song

Write Any Scale (Other Than Major or Minor) and Identify

Possiblities - Pentatonic / Harmonic or Melodic Minor / Chromatic / Whote-Tone / Blues /
or Make Up Your Own (Synthetic)

Write Any Four Chords (Other Than Those on C)

Possiblities: Am / F / G / Bb / Ab / etc....

Write the Instruments of a Large Orchestra, in Score Order

Quiz 8 list...


[8885] Alban Berg - Wozzeck: Act I, March and Lullaby
            March              Transition    Lullaby
            A    B    A'                             AB  A'B'
           a b   c d   a'
           Atonal (elements of Neoclassicism)

[8903] Joe Garland - In the Mood
            Ternary - A (12-Bar Blues) B (Chorus and Variations) A' (12-Bar Blues)
            Swing (Big Band) Jazz

[8913] Benjamin Britten - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Variations on a Theme of Purcell)
            Theme and Variations (with a finale fugato)

[8947] David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
             Art (Glam) Rock

[8957] Mark Alburger - San Fernando Hub: I. Fresno
            A  B  A
            New-Wave Post-Minimalism?

            Mehdi Hosseini - Baluch


High 51 (50, Pleasant Hill... .36 additional precip for a total of 5.19 since beginning of the July 1 rainfall year),

returning after class to compose 24 Tone Preludes: II. page 2 and score-study respective third sheets of

Aaron Copland - Billy the Kid: Gun Battle

Malcolm Arnold - Organ Concerto