December 5 - At Ease

Romping through a playlist of relatively recent music, including

Sting - King of Pain / Every Breath You Take
Oliver Knussen - Violin Concerto
Mark Alburger - Psalm 6 / The 12 Fingers / San Fernando Hub / Camino Real
Tan Dun - Ghost Dance
Prince - Darling Nikki
Erling Wold - Sub Pontio Pilato
Bono - With or Without You
Steven Clark - Amok Time
Thom Yorke -  Morning Bell

and listening / looking ahead, as below...

Write Four Bars of Music (make it beautiful / fun / interesting)

Write a Short Essay on a Favorite Piece of Music (composer/performer - name of composition)

What makes it great?  Use our typical vocabulary, in five or more sentences...


[8970]         Michael Cooke - Ha Meaggel

[YouTube]  Thomas Ades - Totentanz

                    Mason Bates - Warehouse Medicine

                    Steven Price - Gravity: Debris

                    Feona Lee Jones - Morning Mst

[8986]         Lady Gaga - Poker Face


Finish Jonah, Op. 258 -- 36 pages total -- with completion of IV. Out of His Gourd (11 systems)

and score-study a second page of Aaron Copland Billy the Kid: Gun Battle,

on the incredible 31st day of fall, high 57 (Pinole, 58; Pleasant Hill, 56)...